Social Media Guidelines

During BacPath’s biannual molecular bacteriology conference, many of our speakers will be presenting exciting novel research that is not yet published.  While the conference has an active social media presence, we respect the speakers’ right to request that their work not be shared across social media. 

The sharing of data without the speakers’ consent on publicly accessible platforms may prevent its subsequent publication in scientific journals and compromise their scientific progress.  In light of this, BacPath’s social media policy during meetings is as follows:

We encourage all attendees to interact on social media by:

  • Following BacPath on Twitter: @BacPath, and tweeting about the meeting using any relevant conference hashtags such as #BacPath15

All talks are “tweetable” by default, but speakers can explicitly request that certain talks, slides, or findings be left out of the social media conversation.  The session chairs will provide clear instructions at the beginning of each talk to highlight any such speaker requests.

We ask all attendees to refrain from:

  • Recording or reproducing audio, video, or photos of any content presented at oral or poster sessions within the BacPath meeting.  Collecting or distributing this content without the presenter’s permission is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of rude and profane language to engage in slander or personal attacks across social media platforms