Associate Professor Meta Kuehn

Dr. Meta Kuehn was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington in the USA. She received a BS in Chemistry in 1986 from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, and earned a PhD in Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis in 1993 from Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.  She first studied pathogenic bacterial virulence factor secretion as a technician in Dr. Arnold Smith’s lab (Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA). For her PhD research with Dr. Scott Hultgren, she investigated chaperone-assisted uropathogenic E. coli P pilus assembly and plus ultrastructure. During her postdoctoral training with Dr. Randy Schekman at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, she focused on understanding cargo recruitment into Endoplasmic Reticulum-derived COPII vesicles in yeast.  Since 1997, as an independent investigator in the Biochemistry Department at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, she has been utilizing genetic, cell biological, and biochemical approaches to characterize the biogenesis and function of bacterial membrane vesicles.  Her awards and honors include the Damon-Runyon Walter-Winchell Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Burroughs Welcome Career Award, and the Burroughs Welcome Investigator in Pathogenesis of Infection Disease Award.